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ZR Tech UK Ltd is a family-run business where IT professionals within the family, with extensive multi-dimensional experience, have come forward to provide IT services to its clients. ZR Tech UK Ltd's expert areas are Data Analytics, Data Exchange, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Image Processing. It plans to provide further services in digital marketing such as SEO and search optimization. Mr Muazzam Chughtai is managing director, responsible for negotiating contracts with clients, supervision and compliance, customer services, and complaint handling.

Mr Chughtai is a qualified solicitor with extensive business and compliance experience and market knowledge how which will assist him in the smooth running of the business. His wife, Mrs Summaira Chughtai, graduated in communication systems and engineering. She has been working in the IT industry for more than 10 years. Mrs Summaira Chughtai’s brother is a chief technical officer with experience in machine learning and data visualization. His fellow Ahmed Nabil is a data scientist and he is an expert in python for machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analysis. ZR Tech UK Ltd has further two employees to work on software development and testing. ZR Tech UK Ltd's client base will be primarily in the UK with possible clientele in the US and EU. The business will be promoted on Google through Ad Word, Linked-In, PR, IT Conferences, and Science Fares.

Here at ZR Tech, we believe in customer satisfaction. Hence, our professionals are dedicated to offering intelligent and effective IT solutions to our valued customers. Since its inception, ZR Tech has served a wide range of businesses and organizations.

We have the expertise to guide and assist you at every step starting from infrastructure development to analytics. Our qualified IT experts are always there when it comes to boosting your business.

How ZR Tech Can Assist you in Achieving More?

For sure, ZR Tech owns an experienced and committed team. We design unsurpassable IT strategies and effective solutions to meet the needs of almost every business.

We can help you in the following ways:

1. Seek deeper and better insights through data analytics

2. Gain the most out of your resources

3. Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business

4. Get result-oriented and tailored made solutions

5. Long-term support regarding all your IT related needs    


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